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Driving Tests

To gain your full driving licence you must first pass a two part test.

The Theory Test

The Theory Test has been developed to focus new drivers on knowing how to be safe on the roads. The test is a series of multiple choice questions that test the student’s ability to identify hazards on the road and how to avoid them.

You must bring along your provisional driving licence and some other acceptable proof of identity that bears your name, photograph and signature.

The questions vary between straight text; text with graphics of road signs; and text with photographs of road and driving scenarios. Most will require one option to be selected from a choice of four, some will ask for two, three, or four correct options to be selected from a range of up to six possibilities.

Tests are written at the local Theory Test centre. However you will not be the only one taking the test, as up to 30 candidates will be in the test centre. Candidates sitting the driving theory test select their answers by simply touching a computer screen instead of marking answers on a test paper. This Touch screen system has been carefully designed to make sure it is easy to use.

Candidates can work through a practice session lasting up to 15 minutes to get used to the system before starting their actual test. Staff at the test centres will be on hand to help candidates who have any difficulties in using the new system.

The screens are easy to read. Only one question will appear on the screen at one time, and candidates will be able to move backwards and forwards through the questions. Candidates will also be able to go back to any questions which they want to look at again and it will be easy to change any answers. The system will also alert candidates if they have not completely answered a question.

Things to Remember:

  • The test questions will not change in any way. Candidates will have 40 minutes to answer 50 test questions
  • The pass mark will remain at 43 questions correctly answered
  • All candidates will receive their test results before they leave the test centre
  • You do not have to pass the Theory Test before you can begin driving lessons

The Practical Driving Test

After you book your test you will be issued with a test date and time, which may be changed if it’s unsuitable. You must give a least 14 working days notice to cancel your test.

The Practical Driving Test usually lasts about 45 minutes and will be taken at your local driving test centre by a DSA examiner and during your lessons you will be taught what to expect in the test. You will be examined on your ability to drive competently and safely by an examiner sitting in the car with you. You will use our car so you are fully familiar with the controls as candidates need to be as confident and relaxed as possible during the examination.

Independent Driving

The newly introduced Independent Drive part of the test will last about 10 minutes and the candidate will be asked to do ONE of the following:

  • Drive to a destination following traffic signs
  • Drive following a series of verbal directions - Diagrams will be shown to candidates given verbal directions
  • Drive using a combination of both of the above methods

The diagrams may show a simple route path such as follow to a road end and turn right - at the next road end turn left - at the roundabout turn right.

During the Independent Drive the candidate must still drive correctly as per the rest of the driving test including using correct observations, using mirrors correctly, obeying speed limits, road markings and signs etc, but completely independently, unaided and unprompted.

After the test the examiner will inform you whether you've passed or not, should you fail you will be told what you did wrong. You can re - apply for another test straight away, but you must wait at least 10 working days before your next test. If you successfully pass your test the examiner will take your licence and a full licence will be issued to you automatically.

For latest pricing information please visit www.direct.gov.uk

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